You’ve probably done your fair share of changing your mind, but when did you last attempt to change your brain?

It’s time to board the brain train and explore the science of mindfulness meditation and it’s potential to catapult you (and your organization) from good to well…well.

In the recent Harvard Business Review article, Mindfulness Can Literally Change Your Brain, three researchers share powerful findings that may turn the business world right-side-up.

Evidently, “paying attention, non-judgmentally, in the present moment,” can positively impact the toxicity of chronic stress, improve executive functioning and memory, and plays a critical role in self-regulation; the ability to skillfully direct attention and behavior.

In short, gray matter matters!

A study conducted on graduates of an eight-week mindfulness training, using pre and post fMRI scans, revealed increased density in brain substance in two key structures, the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) and the hippocampus.

You might consider the healthy function of these structures as internal “peace-makers,” regulating emotional reactivity and resilience.

The ancient practice of mindfulness has thoroughly splashed the modern media and for good reason. A healthy brain is a happy brain. For that alone, there’s no better moment that this one, right now, to take a breath and consider mindful awareness as a new way of life.