When I first saw this evolution of man graphic,  I was amused – then petrified! It grabbed and held my attention because it so accurately depicts where we’ve been and sadly, where we’re heading.

Ours is a culture that needs to wake up and straighten up – quite literally!

As we strive to be better connected, our high tech lives have us folding into our devices rather than standing up straight and engaging in the world around us. As our attention bandwidth  stretches far beyond the corners of it’s capacity, disengagement and distraction abound.

How can we begin to reconnect, re-engage and plug into the parts of our lives that have gone dormant? Mindfulness.

I realize that the word mindfulness has been bantered about far too freely of late and perhaps you’re beginning to view it as simply a trending phenomenon.

But, let me assure you, mindfulness is no trend. Rather, it’s an ancient and recently scientifically-accepted practice of waking up awareness, cultivating attention, sharpening focus and yes, connecting more authentically to self and others.

Even as you read these words, your mind is likely wandering to places far and wide (rehashing the past, rehearsing the future). As you’ll see, the need to hone our skills in the area of present-moment awareness is also nothing new, as expressed very eloquently by William James in 1890 (The Principles of Psychology – Chapter on Attention), wherein he stated,

“The faculty of voluntarily bringing back a wandering attention, over and over again, is the very root of judgment, character, and will… An education which should improve this faculty would be the education par excellence.”  — William James, 1890

We should have received this style of education (higher learning, if you will) earlier in life. These skills may have served us well as we carved our life paths. No worries, as it’s never too late to teach whatever age dog you may be now…new tricks.

Allow me to introduce Mindful U, which makes it’s Fall 2015 debut as a 1-day program/showcase in the SF Bay Area on Friday, November 6 at Stillpath Retreat Center.


The six progressive learning modules of Mindful U are designed to educate, engage and enliven participants from all walks of life by delivering simple tools and tactics that can be implemented and practiced immediately.

One breath and one module at a time will allow you to:

1) Wake Up and Breathe 2) Get In Your Body 3) Come to Your Senses 4) Board the Brain Train 5) Sit With it All, and 6) Plug In and Go!  

I invite you to explore the new paradigm of living a connected life. Join me and The Alternate Path team to create a more Mindful U.

Note: In addition to the full day Mindful U showcase, there’s an option to stay for an extended weekend retreat. For detailed info, please visit www.MindYourMoments.com/mindful-u/ and www.Stillpathretreat.com