Erin and Justin Tree of Life

Erin and Justin,

As you enter into this next phase of your relationship, you’ll be called on to ease into roles that may not initially feel familiar.

Especially in light of what may feel hectic and heavy right now; loss of employment, the continual Covid scare, and the increased responsibility to be good parents.

Know this, you have everything you need to enter into this phase of life. None of us can be completely prepared for the big shift that comes along with this BIG GIFT (Baby Boy).

My offering to you is focused on ENERGY. Not a mystical thing. Rather, the waves that make up everything in our world. The energy we put out, comes back to us. My intention is to help you as a couple, and individually, observe that energy, tweak it as necessary, and use it as a positive springboard.

I’ve been shown by experience; living well with M.S., raising two kids that are now your age, maintaining a 40-yr relationship with my partner/husband, practicing and now teaching meditation and mindfulness for decades, that ENERGY, INTENTION, ATTENTION and AWARENESS are everything.

I’ll expand on these concepts in the following video, which includes a customized, guided meditation practice. Please also click on the PRACTICE page of this site for a variety of complimentary meditation practices.

I hope that in some way, this outreach will support you at this pivotal time in your lives.

Best, for NOW!