ADWS Event

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It’s time to unite in community and make skillful choices for our health and wellbeing.


Hello. I’m Cassie Schindler, MBSR Mindfulness Educator and the facilitator of ADWS.

A DAY WITHOUT STRESS Saturday, April 8 (9am-4:30pm) provides the venue, menu, mini-workshops and free time to promote community, and re-ignite the Mindful Revolution within each of us.

STILLPATH RETREAT CENTER is located at 16350 Skyline Blvd, Woodside, CA. This wooded, mountain retreat is the perfect place to escape the busyness of life and rejuvenate body and mind.

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Click pic below for a virtual tour of Stillpath Retreat Center

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Come for the day, OR stay over Saturday night to experience the beauty and amenities of Stillpath. Overnight accommodations will need to be made directly with Property Manager, Andrea Smith. Lodging costs are separate from the 1-day registration fee. See important lodging details and contact info below.

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Meet Rochelle McLaughlin, founder and creator of Revolutionary Wellness Talk Radio and Revolutionary Wellness Magazine. In Rochelle’s info session, she’ll share her vision to ignite a wellness revolution, and help us all be bold – to act with love in our hearts, so that we may re-imagine and co-create the more beautiful world we all know is possible. Click pic below for more information about Rochelle.

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Introducing Dr. Ben Emmert-Aronson, Co-founder of Open Source Wellness, the next generation of Behavioral Medicine, transforming health outcomes – at the intersection of healthcare and community. Ben will share with us, his innovative and timely health model, where community gathers to follow their doctors orders by filling the prescription that only Open Source can fill; move, nourish, connect and be.

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WORKSHOPS, YOGA AND MINI-INFO SESSIONS will be held in the Great Room. NO SHOES or beverages other than water are allowed in this space. So, be sure to bring your best socks or slippers and perhaps a refillable water bottle (there are filtered water dispensers on each floor).

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REGISTRATION is open. There’s no better time than NOW to make the commitment to liberate this day (or weekend) for precious YOU time.

COST is $100 per person. Groups of 5 or more, will receive a $20 discount per ticket. Please email to get more info for GROUPS.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Refunds will not be provided for cancellations within one week of the event date. Instead, a credit will be issued for the full amount, that may be applied to an upcoming Alternate Path class or event.

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LODGING arrangements must be made directly with Property Manager, Andrea Smith at Stillpath Retreat Center  (

The rooms at Stillpath are true luxury (each room has its own bathroom with a deep soaking tub). Room rates are $280 per night. Shared rooms are most affordable for double occupancy.

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There are rooms in the main lodge as well as the fabulous Tree House rooms. Each room has two queens beds.

AMENITIES include an indoor saline pool and hot tub, hiking trails, an on-site walking labyrinth and many perfect areas for rejuvenation.

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IMPORTANT NOTE!!! After 5pm on 4/8, there will no longer be catering. Meal options for overnight guests are 1) bring your own food and drink for dinner ((light alcohol consumption is allowed at Stillpath, but can only be consumed in the dining areas or on the deck) and breakfast. A full kitchen is available to overnight guests.

Option 2) Alice’s Restaurant is located within a short drive from the facility.

I hope you’ll consider joining me for a final celebration of Stillpath Retreat Center (after April 30, Stillpath will make it’s transition to a recovery/wellness center) and A Day Without Stress!


QUESTIONS: Please contact Cassie Schindler 650-578-8689 or