Happy 40th Birthday, Cass!

Good morning, love! Welcome to your 40th year.

My mind and heart are all about you today, Cass, as I ponder the many gifts you’ve brought into this family, perhaps the most powerful being the example you set for cultivating a loving heart.

As you embark on this next decade, take with you all of your accumulated wisdom, and trust that your inner instincts will help you make confident choices that will expand you in every direction.

Finally below, a musical tribute, a song that I sang for the first time 25 years ago for brother, Bob’s 40th, 10 years ago for Bill III’s 40th, last month for Sonya’s 40th, and now I’m sharing this previously recorded video with you.

I love you more than this, or any writing can express.

Always, Your Auntie Cass

Ullyses by Eliza Gilkyson