Happy 70th Birthday, Bill Jr!

My first born son, Bill, is my body guard,
Taking on tasks others would think too hard.
Fulfilling a promise to his Dad long ago,
To watch over this clan, as we grow.

Bill's humble, loyal, funny and kind,
A heart of gold, and a brilliant mind.
Whenever I'm worried, Bill is right there,
He takes on my worries, without a care.

He revisits the beautiful parts of my past,
And he stores my memories, so that they last.
He remembers the dates, names and places,
And the stories connected to each of the faces.

Everyone knows they can count on Bill,
He never complains and he never will.
He'll tell you the special things about YOU,
And help solve your problem, or even a few.

Bill makes me feel cared for, safe and adored,
Arranging my days, so I never get bored.
Managing my affairs, cooking, cleaning galore,
He's filled the Bill, and so much more.

Happy 70th Birthday, Dear Son,
I can never thank you enough for all you've done.

Love, Mom



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